The Linux IDE Debate

Michael L Torrie torriem at
Thu Sep 27 18:56:33 MDT 2007

Steve wrote:
> Thus far for Windows and Mac, I have gone the default route and used
> Visual Studio and XCode as the recommended IDE(s).  But on Linux I'm
> stuck.
> <snip>
> Another couple of options I have also considered and not ruled out
> yet, would be the usage of Eclipse or Code::Blocks.  This has the
> advantage of presenting the same interface on all platforms.  The
> drawback is that I would still need a unique project file for each
> platform, it does kind of remove the end-users choice, and doesn't
> really teach the "adaptability" approach I'm trying to proselytize
> here.

The original Linux IDE has got to be KDevelop.

It might be possible to make your book fairly IDE agnostic.  I mean no
matter what IDE you use you'll still have to add certain include and
library paths to the compiler and linker options.


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