Advantages of Fiber

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Thu Sep 27 16:52:25 MDT 2007

On Thursday 27 September 2007, Kyle Waters wrote:
> I think he was just comparing it to UTOPIA.  Spanish Fork was being used
> as an example(by senator stephenson) of why the state should ban all
> cities from bonding for telecommunications infrastructure.  I need
> counter arguments :).

Counter arguments? When I lived there it was fantastic.
Everyone I know who lives there still think it's very good.

Perhaps he should talk to the guy in SF that's in charge of the project. When 
I spoke with him years ago, he explained that the entire project stayed in 
the black throughout the entire deployment process--which only took a few 
years to cover the entire city. Talk about well managed financially and 

Compared to commercial offerings (qwest DSL or Comcast/AT&T) they were better 
all around:
- Qwest couldn't even do DSL to my home because their field office was
  already multiplexing.
- They provide a better infrastructure than Comcast--much lower number of
  amplifiers per node (I think it was six-fold--a max of one amplifier per
  node as opposed to Comcast's six)
- They provided (when I was there) higher speeds (3Mbit as opposed to 1.5,
  and since then if I am not mistaken they have doubled it, at no extra
- They provided excellent customer service--try getting any decent customer
  service from Comcast. Examples:

Me: "Can I get a static IP"
SF: "How many do you want?"

Me: "I'm having connection troubles"
SF: "We'll be there in 15-30 minutes."
Later that day, SF: "we had a port go flaky, it'll be fixed by morning."

Compare to Comcast (when I was in California, so maybe it's not fair):
Me: "I'm having connection troubles"
Comcast, after waiting on hold for 30 minutes: "reboot your modem, sir"
Comcast, after reboot does nothing: "I'm sorry sir, I can't help you. Let me 
schedule for a tech to come out sometime this week..."

Maybe it's not for every city government, but IMO Spanish Fork really got it 
right on this one.


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