Advantages of Fiber

Kyle Waters unum at
Thu Sep 27 16:22:21 MDT 2007

Dennis Muhlestein wrote:
>> That's correct.  You can't get fiber to your home in Sp'ork.  The
>> senator in question is just trying to justify the decisions the city
>> made years ago when they committed to a city-wide cable network.
>> It's lousy but it's cheap.
> We live in AF now, but had moved there from SF.  I had SFCN and didn't
> ever think it was lousy.  We got pretty good download speeds and
> upload never bothered me although I can't recall exactly what it was.
> I recall it was pretty competitive for $35 a month.
> Why do you say it's lousy?  Has it worsened or are you just saying
> hows it could be so much faster?
I think he was just comparing it to UTOPIA.  Spanish Fork was being used 
as an example(by senator stephenson) of why the state should ban all 
cities from bonding for telecommunications infrastructure.  I need 
counter arguments :).


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