Dvorak Keyboard Layout

Von Fugal fuglv at cs.byu.edu
Thu Sep 27 11:04:39 MDT 2007

I feel like I should say you oughta go 100% dvorak at first, like the
others said. Maybe even so far as to have dvorak be the only layout (no
out) until you've got it down. But at the very least, have dvorak be the
default layout, and only revert if you absolutely must.

I did this last summer, 100% dvorak for a couple months or so. I would
still be in it, but vim is just too big a hangup for me. Andrew claims
it's not that bad to just use the home keys as the fall in dvorak. I
guess the home keys are just too engrained for me.

With the caps lock thing, however, you could quickly switch to qwerty
while in command mode, and back to dvorak. Is this something a vim macro
could do?

Von Fugal
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