Dvorak Keyboard Layout

Von Fugal fuglv at cs.byu.edu
Thu Sep 27 10:53:13 MDT 2007

Let me just say, forget xmodmap. There are so much better ways to do it
nowadays. I use gnomes built in layout management. I change capslock to
bet the key to change layouts, and set the capslock led to indicate
dvorak mode. Gnome tracks the layout setting per window as well. It's
fun to have a window in dvorak and see the led light up whenever that
window gets focus.

If you don't use gnome, xxkb is a great way to go. You can even make
little images show up in the window title bars telling you which layout
each window is in (xxkb is per-window also). For xxkb you have to set up
the layouts you want in your xorg.conf. Give me a holler if you want
more info on this.

Von Fugal
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