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Wed Sep 26 20:03:30 MDT 2007

* Paul Seamons [Wed, 26 Sep 2007 at 09:12 -0600]
> > but it's a necessary foundation for 
> > computing nonetheless.
> Hmmmmm.  I find the word "computing" a little fuzzy here.  I think there are 
> plenty of use cases that show people who have gotten much done while 
> computing without any CS foundation at all

Computing here does not merely mean using computers, nor simply
programing them. Computing in this context is fundementally just that,
computing. It's going from a problem to a solution, from data to action,
from business idea to profit, from students to professionals, you get
the idea. (remember, computers existed before computers existed, they
were people who computed). Computer Science has application in all those
things and more. It is very fundemental to todays world. Back when the
extent of our computations were plant seeds and grow food, shoot gun
and kill food, kill trees and build homes were the extent of our
computations, an advanced field in the theory of such was unnecessary.
However now where "computers" permeate every aspect of our lives, being
able to reason about computations and optimize them or know when they
aren't even computable is indeed very beneficial.

Von Fugal
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