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Then again the basic assumptions are really just best guess models to
describe what we observe.

History is littered with the corpses of long dead assumptions that for
centuries no one thought to question.  Then one day someone did
question each of them, and questioned them with just the right

The day those questions were asked, the world changed.

We have laws of thermodynamics, which are part classical physics, that
at present have stood the test of time.
But I'm certain at some point in the future those laws will fall apart
and some deeper truth will be revealed.  Just as the laws that
proceeded them failed at some point and the current set of laws will
be revealed.

Humanity does not have all the answers.  But some where in time,
humanity will have new questions.  These new questions will demand new
tests, the new tests will produce new answers, which themselves will
produce new questions.  This is how we have learned everything we know
now, and will likely be how we will continue to learn for some time.

Logic tells us that a single set of laws must govern everything.
Yet even right now we have 3 seperate and distinct sets of laws to
describe the natural world each of which operates in a specific
domain.  These laws are quite contrary to one another.

Quantum, Classical, and Relativistic laws will all give different
results for a given problem.  So we choose whichever set of laws
generally gives us the closest approximation to our observable and/or
predicted results and say "these are laws that must govern this
domain".  None of them is perfect, therefore it stands to reason that
at some time, each must fall to something new.

Anyways thats just my 2c.

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