UT electronic waste recycling pop

Mister E Mister.Ed at AgoraCart.com
Wed Sep 26 17:19:16 MDT 2007

After a recent and related thread, I decided to find out if a local 
ewaste disposal drop-off point was available in Utah.  After some 
digging, I found that a Colorado company has a quasi-local drop-off 
point (relative to your location of course) that will take tvs, pcs, 
printers, fax machines, monitors, cell phones, etc.

Here's the basic information:

Guaranteed Recycling Xperts
Freeport Center Bldg E-16 South 1
Clearfield UT
grxrecycles.com (no UT content or contact info though)

cost is 25 cents per pound.

they can also arrange pickup as well.  I didn't ask for pricing on that 

I couldn't find any other locations, so I followed the one lead I could 
find from a previous post.

Hope that helps someone,

Mister Ed

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