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Brandon Stout bms at
Wed Sep 26 15:40:36 MDT 2007

Levi Pearson wrote:
> Okay, so our theories about the physical world aren't perfectly
> refined yet.  But wake me up when the laws of thermodynamics become
> invalid, then I might be willing to entertain this 'Scientists are
> always wrong when they say something is impossible' garbage.

History is full of examples when people accomplish what others deemed
impossible.  Certainly there are absolutes.  I, for one, believe nobody
will ever be able to make something out of nothing.  However, new
technology only comes about when someone tries to do something others
thought were impossible.  I'm sure many a cave man thought a light bulb
would be impossible.  Many thought we could not pass the speed of
sound.  I bet many in the 20s, even the 50s would have thought writing a
spreadsheet on a home computer with spell checking, and watching a movie
at the same time all on the same device would be impossible.  Science
Fiction often becomes reality.  The CD, the cell phone, and many other
devices were dreamed up and shown on Star Trek long before they were
real.  All that quote means is that one who says something is impossible
will never achieve what others might.

Brandon Stout

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