Development Methods in the real world.

Dave Smith dave at
Wed Sep 26 13:09:17 MDT 2007

Shane Hathaway wrote:
> Many of Joel's articles are high quality, but this one is a rant.  It's
> true that bad customers don't know what they want, and you should avoid
> business with bad customers altogether.  Good customers, OTOH, know some
> of what they want, and it's the developer's job to help the customer
> understand how to accomplish it.

You're probably right. In my experience the most popular features with 
customers that I've ever implemented have been the ones the customer 
didn't think of. I think the point Joel is trying to make is that if the 
developer works hard to understand the customer's needs, without needing 
to be spoon-fed requirements, the end result will be better. I think he 
perhaps latched on to one (less used) part of XP and went off on it. :)


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