Development Methods in the real world.

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Wed Sep 26 10:41:20 MDT 2007

On 25 Sep 2007, at 19:27, Steve wrote:

> So I pose a question, for those of you who actually engineer software
> for a living.
> What is the reason for all of these other methodologies?
> Do they truly have any major benefit, or are they as I suspect, more
> of a hinderance than a help?
> Finally, if you have actually been involved in one or more of these
> methods, can you explain how it helped and/or hindered progress on
> whatever project it was that you were working with?

To echo and rephrase what some of the other have said, I think that  
any development methodology could be good or bad.  I think it all  
depends on implementation and the attitudes and personal goals of  
both the management and the programmers.  IF both parties have good  
attitudes and no personal agendas then I think any development method  
could only be a benefit to everyone involved.  But since we don't  
live in such a utopian society where everyone is happy and has only  
the best interests of everyone else in mind, be wary.


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