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* Alex Esplin [Mon, 24 Sep 2007 at 23:15 -0600]
> I'd say BYU is pretty Open Source from what I've seen, with a caveat.
> I'm taking the OS class right now (CS 345) and I'm amazed at how many
> people in the class can't compile and link in Linux.  The beginning
> class (142) is a use what you know class, then the next few classes
> (235, 236, 240) are geared towards Linux environments.  With the
> exception of 240, you can use Windows if you want, but in 240 you have
> to pass off on the lab Linux boxen (when I took it 2 years ago).  So
> now I'm in my first class (CS 312) where a Windows environment is
> necessary (the language for the class is C#).  So I guess what I'm
> trying to say is that BYU CS is Open Source, but many students are
> sneaking by with Windows, and consequently getting into trouble by not
> knowing how to work in Linux.

I second that BYU is pretty Open Source in that they are very OS
friendly. They have tons of linux boxen and a few classes that teach the
n00bs a bit about them. As far as requiring a lot of open source though,
not so much. As you say, there's a lot of squeeking by with Windows that
goes on.

As for 312, I absolutely abhor that they're mandating Visual Studio and
C#. Not that I don't think they shouldn't require any programming in
Windows. It would be negligent to not have at least one class do so. My
beef is that they chose algorithm analysis of all things for it. C# is
such a obscene beast. I feel like it really really gets in my way too
much, and with the objective of experiencing, analyzing and comparing
difficult algorithms... it would really be best to just use a language
that gets out of your way and lets you do just that, focus on the

/me is in 312 right now, and still needs to install visual studio, drags

Von Fugal
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