Best Computer Science School in Utah

Michael L Torrie torriem at
Tue Sep 25 14:37:59 MDT 2007

Hans Fugal wrote:
> Tell that to my CS 142 instructor. I knew a hint of C++ and good ol'
> GW-BASIC, so I breezed through the class, but it was very obviously
> geared at never-before-programmers and honestly I wasn't too far ahead
> of that pack either. If by "know how to program" you mean "has had some
> minimal exposure to thinking like a computer" then I may agree, but by
> no means do you have to have any real, useful experience in programming.
> At least, not in 1997 and 1999.

CS 142 for me as object-oriented programming, in Pascal.  Except they
didn't really teach Pascal per se.  They just expected us to pick it up.
 We did learn about object-oriented concepts, though.

The CS 142 as it exists now is pretty useless.  It shouldn't be
considered a CS class so much as a general class, in my opinion.  CS
majors should not be required to take it, either, provided they have a
certain level of programming expertise.

>> If you're planning to get a BS and then just go be a software developer
>> in the industry, you probably don't want the BYU program.  But if a
>> masters is in your future, maybe consider it.
> Or PhD. :) I for one feel like my BYU BS in CS has done an excellent job
> in preparing me for grad school. It's hard to match BYU's level of
> bringing research to the undergrads (those that want it, anyway). If
> you're any good and have half an inkling to, you can get a job as an RA
> and even publish as an undergrad. This isn't very common, though I admit
> I have no idea if other schools in Utah do the same.

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