Best Computer Science School in Utah

Levi Pearson levi at
Tue Sep 25 09:26:52 MDT 2007

Adam Fisher <afisher at> writes:
> It is my understanding that UVSC, BYU, and UofU are the only ABIT
> accredited schools in Utah.  Having recently graduated from UVSC in
> Information Systems, I can say things are geared toward application
> than theory.  If  you want theory then  I would recommend BYU.   I
> have had  lots of friends and coworkers graduate from there.  The
> downside of my experience at UVSC is the unevenness of the teaching
> but then there are always the good teachers and the bad teachers. 

Well, you wouldn't get a lot of CS theory in Info Systems--that's not
the point of the major.  I imagine you got a lot more business theory
than a typical CS major would, though.  UVSC CS has a number of theory
classes, some of which are required depending on which CS emphasis
track you take.  Any CS major can use the upper-level ones as
electives, so you can tune your degree quite a bit to your interests
and/or schedule. :)

Oh, and it's ABET, not ABIT.


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