proper disposal of a monitor

Paul Seamons paul at
Tue Sep 25 09:12:09 MDT 2007

> > will become a nice embedded decoration on your ceiling

> CRT's don't explode, they implode.

Lucky for you... or else the box would be ripped to shreds and you'd be 
permanently wearing pretty glass shards over 50% of your body.

I'm aware that they implode.  And suddenly accelerate large masses of glass 
towards a central point, at which point the large masses either:
  a) collide and remain motionless
  b) collide and send each other off in odd trajectories
  c) miss each other and continue at velocity past the central point
Given that there are several hundred pieces of glass in motion, your chances 
of having pieces follow choice b and c are pretty good.

I have experienced having the neck embedded in the ceiling.  Never 
underestimate how much nature abhors a vacuum - and how hard nature will try 
to get rid of one.


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