Best Computer Science School in Utah

Brandon Stout bms at
Tue Sep 25 09:02:14 MDT 2007

Corey Edwards wrote:
> My impression is pretty much the same. I did just about all of my work
> in Linux (or Solaris/HP-UX early on) using open source tools, except for
> a few classes which required Windows specifically. While I didn't enjoy
> that aspect, it would have been negligent for BYU to ignore Windows
> entirely just as it's irresponsible for UOP to leave out Linux.
> University education isn't about teaching one specific tool. That's what
> on-the-job training is for. A university degree implies that you
> understand fundamentals and a broad range of topics. The details are
> left as an exercise for later.
> Corey

I agree that BYU shouldn't neglect or ignore Windows.  It's good to see
BYU using Open Source, too!  BYU's my true alma mater.  I got my BS
degree there, though it was in Family Science, so I could not speak for
the CS department.  Now if we can get BYU to use OpenOffice and Linux on
the student computers...

Brandon Stout

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