proper disposal of a monitor

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Mon Sep 24 15:08:24 MDT 2007

OK, Guys.

High school Electronics class.

The "proper" method of disposing of a TV or monitor is to take off the 
outer case, then put it in a cardboard box (the thicker the cardboard, 
the better).  Push a crowbar down inside, close the flaps, turn your 
head away from the box, and break the neck with the crowbar.  (The neck 
is that rear part that gets skinny right before another board is 
connected to the rear of the picture tube).

If the monitor or TV has been powered on in the last month or so, make 
sure to not touch anything anywhere near the flyback transformer (that's 
the part that looks like a little plunger on the tube).  In fact, you 
should probably remove the charge before you break the neck, which if 
you are not sure how to do it, seek help.  DO NOT do it with a 
screwdriver, as you can blow the end off the screwdriver and cause 
serious damage to you and other things nearby.  You need a proper kit 
that has resistance built in and a proper ground.

Once dischanged properly and the neck broken, you should be able to put 
it in any dumpster or garbage can (check local ordinances for your city).

Basically, if you are not sure, find someplace that claims they will 
dispose of TVs.  I think the transfer station in Springville will do it, 
but you should call before hauling it all down there.


Merrill Oveson wrote:
> I've got an old monitor and I'm tempted to toss it into my trash can.
> But being a conscientious person, I know this is not environmentally sound.
> (Or is this ok?)
> So how do I properly dispose of it?  Where should I take it?
> Are there fees?

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