LinkedIn Update

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Mon Sep 24 14:12:01 MDT 2007

Hi all,

I thought I'd throw out a quick LinkedIn update. They changed the rules for
group visibility. Previously only members of the LinkedIn group could see the
group icon on others' profiles. You had to pay something like $9000 to change
that. Well, that is no longer the case. It is now free. Anyone who is logged
in can see the PLUG logo on your profile.

There is just one catch - it defaults to 'off.' To change your group
visibility settings do the following:

0) Go to your LinkedIn "home."

1) Scroll down to the bottom right "groups" section.

2) Click "settings" next to the PLUG logo.

3) Change "Displaying the group logo to non-group members:" to "Yes" and save
the changes.

That's it. The logo will now appear to everyone on LinkedIn who is logged in.

If you have not yet joined the PLUG LinkedIn group you can do so by going to
this link:

I will approve you as quickly as possible. Feel free to add me to your network
as well, if you so desire.


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