Obstacles to Change (was Re: Distro idea)

Levi Pearson levi at cold.org
Mon Sep 24 11:28:12 MDT 2007

"Brian Hawkins" <brianhks at activeclickweb.com> writes:

> My suspicion is that the file system layout for Linux has a lot of
> baggage that die hards are not willing to get rid of.

I think you're partly right.  I believe there's a kind of mystic
religion built around UNIX that has made it immune from real criticism
in the Open Source world.  The UNIX way is the RIGHT way, and wo unto
those who would change it!

That's the secondary reason, though.  The primary one is that there's
a LOT of software that has been built, and it's got a lot of inertia.
Any incompatible changes, even if they were only incompatible in
philosphy, would be facing a very steep uphill battle.

Such is the sad state of the Open Source software world.  There's no
room for revolutionary innovation, only very slow incremental changes.
Not that it's any better in the commercial software world, or the
academic world for that matter.  At least some academics try to come
up with new ideas, but there's not much chance of the revolutionary
ones ever being adopted outside their labs.


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