Distro idea

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Sun Sep 23 13:21:31 MDT 2007

Brian Hawkins wrote:
> Now I know I may end up with multiple copies of a library but, big deal.  I
> have half a terrabyte of space on my computer, it can handle it.  This
> solution would let me install multiple copies of an application as well as
> multiple versions of the same application.  I could also just update one
> application without the need to upgrade my OS.

Autopackage works along those lines--you should check it out.  Even so,
my favorite solution is virtualization.  Just run a stodgy, stable
distribution and a latest-and-greatest, unstable distribution at the
same time.  VMs will eat your disk space even faster, but like you said,
does that matter?


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