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Why do you need version 8.2?  Debian unstable and testing both come with
version 8.2.
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Brian Hawkins wrote:
> I really like Linux.  The OS is fast and very stable.  There is one little
> aspect of Linux however that I just loath.  This little aspect is the way
> that software is installed on the computer.
> I had an experience with Postgres that exemplifies the problem.  I'm running
> FC6 and I needed Postgres 8.2 for some testing I was doing.  The YUM
> repository only lets me install 8.1.  Frustrated I downloaded the RPM from
> Postgres and tried to install it that way.  The package manager told me
> there was a conflict with an older client library on my system.  I tried to
> remove the older library only to find it was tied to a dozen or so programs
> including SVN - which I really cannot do without.  Needless to say I was
> thwarted at every turn.
> I know I could have overridden the dependency checks or I could have
> upgraded my OS.  Now there is an option - "What are you doing tonight?", "Oh
> I'm upgrading my OS how about you?".  Oh sounds like a hot date night to me.
> Maybe having a little software commune on their computer is appealing to
> some but I hate it.  On a server I can understand why you would put all of
> your binary files under one directory.  You can mount it read only for
> security but, does anyone do that anymore?  Besides my desktop is not
> running as a production server.
> OK I've ranted long enough, here is my solution.  Change the package manager
> to install everything under one directory.  For example if I were to install
> Postgres on my system it would create a directory /programs/postgres82/ and
> put the program there.  In the program directory it would create a /usr /var
> /bin or whatever it needed for the application to install.  The package
> manager would also install whatever dependencies it required in the same
> location.  Think of it as doing a chroot before installing the program and
> it's dependencies.  I Then change the loader to look in the local program
> directory for libraries before it goes to the system wide directories.
> Now I know I may end up with multiple copies of a library but, big deal.  I
> have half a terrabyte of space on my computer, it can handle it.  This
> solution would let me install multiple copies of an application as well as
> multiple versions of the same application.  I could also just update one
> application without the need to upgrade my OS.
> I once saw a scholarly paper written to try and solve the dependency
> problems that persist in Linux distributions.  You know if the problem is
> that complex maybe the solution is not to solve the problem but get rid of
> it.
> So what is every ones opinion of this?
> Brian
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