Ubuntu, KDE and wireless weirdness?

Steve smorrey at gmail.com
Sat Sep 22 16:20:25 MDT 2007

Hey everyone,
I've been running ubuntu edgy without any problems on my Dell C840
laptop, since edgy was released.
Today though I've started having some weirdness.
Essentially what happens is I boot up, KDM runs as normal, then I log in.
When I log in KDE comes up and then the system essentially hard
freezes for a few minutes.
No matter what I go to run, nothing will launch. And
ctrl+alt+backspace does not work.

The only resolution I have found is to press ctrl+alt+f1 and enter a shell.
>From there I ran a few things (ps ax, netstat, ifconfig, lsmod) the
only thing out of the ordinary was eth1 (my wireless nic), was not up.
 So I bring it up then switch back.
Amarok or some other random application will crash, then the system
behaves as normal, until I reboot again.

However when I reboot (this computer doesn't suspend or hibernate
properly even in windows), I have to start the whole process all over

Logging out before a reboot does not appear to solve this problem.

The only consistant thing about this whole mess is that my wireless is
not coming up on it's own anymore, I have to manually do it.  This has
never been a problem before.
I have not installed any new applications.  However there was an
update yesterday, so I haven't ruled that out, however I'm not sure
how to roll back that update or even how to check what was updated.

I'm on the verge of considering a re-install, but before I do, I
figured I'ld ask the list for some suggestions of what I might check
or how I might go about fixing this.

Thanks in advance,

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