itoa'd you so?

Dave Smith dave at
Sat Sep 22 11:34:15 MDT 2007

Charles Curley wrote:
> You are correct that a register declaration is advisory. I agree that
> one would have to look at the assembler output. Actually, what I would
> do if I were writing this for a real embedded library is look at the
> assembler output for several of these versions, pick one or two for
> size and speed, and further hand optimize the heck out of that.

You mean you wouldn't test it to see if it's fast enough as is before 
launching into a possibly very expensive assembler optimization session? 
Even in the smallest of embedded systems, premature optimization is the 
still the root of all evil. :) And remember, C is usually pretty 
portable, whereas assembler optimizations are almost always not. And 
lastly, even on the smallest of embedded systems I've worked on (32Kb 
code space, 20Mhz CPU clock), I still have never had to do any hand ASM 


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