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Figured I'ld forward this from Slug to Plug, since it's relevant.

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Subject: [sllug-members]: Fiber for Salt Lake and Utah Movement
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Hello my name is Thomas Hatch, I have seen over and over again on this
mailing list the strong desire for Utopia to be implemented in many
areas of Utah, particularly in the Salt Lake Valley.  Many of the
members of Sllug are passionate members of the community who have deep
desires to see the progress of our home in Salt Lake, you have voiced
concern for the future of our valley and state in your desires to see
fiber optics become a reality.  The statements on this mailing list
come from intelligent minds and are worth the same attention on the
hill as the statements of Comcast and Qwest, I feel compelled to say
that collectively we can prove that ours is the best course of action.

It would be a lie to say that I have much political experience which
is why I want to ask for your help, many of you know the situation
better than I do and may have experience I don't have.  Nevertheless
these are the things I see as being the first goals of this group, I
anticipate your feedback and suggestions!

A Meeting Place (If one cannot be found I will hold a meeting in my home)
A name (Lets not follow the Linux marketing model and come up with
something good, "Yet Another Fiber Movement" is a bad idea)
An outline of what we want to see happen
As much information as we can gather on the subject
A list of topics to pursue for research validating the need for fiber
(much more valid research can be presented on our side)

Please give me some feedback, express your interest, and help build
what what we need!

-Thomas S Hatch

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