CMS recommendations?

Steve smorrey at
Thu Sep 20 21:56:24 MDT 2007

Hello Everyone,
Some time ago, as a learning exercise, I created a MUD/MMOG engine.
I want to tear it apart and put it back together again, taking
everything I've learned about development and making it better. While
trying to build a community around it.  Essentially creating a site
whos purpose is teaching the basics of game design, good network
design, and cross platform development.

I've decided that I really don't want to build a site from scratch,
but it's been a few years since I looked at any site in a box, or CMS

I'm hoping that members of the list can help me narrow down the possibilities.

I would like to have the following features.

#1 Good Content management, I should be able to post articles and code
without having to do a significant amount of markup, conversely a user
should be able to easily identify sections of code embedded in

#2 Granular Access controls, maybe even something like standard Unix
permissions structure.

#3 Ease of use, It should not be hard to upgrade with modules etc as needed.

#4 Stable and Secure (This should actually be #1).

#5 Scalable, most sites I have been involved in, tend to create major
traffic.  I don't want the site to come crashing down under heavy
load, so it should be able to handle any number of users.  I have had
more than one PHPNuke based site fall apart under load.

#6 Still being actively developed.  The Internet is littered with the
corpses of has-been, coulda been great CMS systems that failed for
whatever reason.  I don't want one of those :)

Anyways thanks in advance for any ideas and suggestions.


p.s. If anyone would like to help me in this endeavour please feel
free to email me off list.  Peer review would be especially welcome.

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