[OT] memory management -- was Re: itoa'd you so?

Levi Pearson levi at cold.org
Thu Sep 20 17:51:32 MDT 2007

"Jonathan Ellis" <jonathan at utahpython.org> writes:
> As with many "design patterns" from lower-level languages, dynamic
> languages have been doing AOP for years without bothering to call it
> that.   You don't need an AOP library in Python, Ruby, or Javascript.

The whole point of "design patterns" is that people have been doing
them for years without the pattern being formally described.  That
aside, I don't think AoP qualifies as a design pattern.  It's more of
a design tool--a way to decompose your problem into parts.  It's both
a way of thinking about programming and implementing those programs.
Some languages may already have the necessary features to implement
AoP, while others (such as Java) may require language extensions.

Anyway, here's a paper that talks about the usefulness of AoP in
higher-order languages: http://www.cs.brown.edu/~sk/Publications/Papers/Published/tk-ptcts-adv-ho-lang/paper.pdf


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