itoa'd you so?

Dave Smith dave at
Thu Sep 20 13:41:36 MDT 2007

Derek Davis wrote:
> Why not.  I'll post my answer just since it came out faster than
> sprintf.  Well, when I pass in a buffer, rather than allocating it in
> the function.  Don't know about the speed comparison when allocating.
> Not that this answers your question...

Yes, it turns out that using log10() is the slow point. Floating point 
math must be a lot slower than I thought. I wrote and used this 
integer-based log10 function function instead and now my code is about 
twice as fast as sprintf(). Yay.

int log10i( unsigned int i )
    int ret = 0;
    while( i )
        i /= 10;
    return ret;


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