Steve smorrey at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 19:41:43 MDT 2007

I'm in the process of turning my little NAS into a full fledged media server,
I have my own ideas about how these things should work, therefore I
wanted to try my hand at doing the entire interface from scratch.

So today I decided that rather than develop on my laptop, then upload
files to my media server, then compile and test, I would rather
develop directly on the media-server thereby saving myself a step.
But I enjoy the freedom to develop whatever, whenever, wherever that I
get by developing on my laptop.

At first I thought I would try to get a remote desktop going, but
decided to stop due to the fact that it would require me to install x
and bunch of other stuff on the media-server, that would only be used
for development purposes.

My next thought was to install an AFP or SMB server via netatalk, and
while this works very well for my Mac, linux doesn't seem to
understand an AFP link.  Anyways I can now develop my media server,
via my mac which is really cool, but not exactly what I was attempting
to do.

SMB works great when I boot into Windows (Dual Boot laptop), but there
seems to be some sort of authentication problem when I try to connect
from Linux.  I do most of my development work in Linux, so booting
into windows, isn't really an option.

I run KDE as my display manager on my laptop, and found a natural
choice, while using the Mount Network Folder, option.  Interestingly
enough this does an FTP over SSH, which while rather slow, is still
pretty awesome.  It seems to be using a protocol called "Fish".

I'm just wondering if anyone has heard of it (I found a little
information on the web but not much).  And if so, if there are any
caveats I need to me aware of.

Thanks in advance!


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