mail redirect in aliases or virtualusertable?

Brandon Stout bms at
Tue Sep 18 14:27:25 MDT 2007

Wade Preston Shearer wrote:
> 1.    entries in /etc/aliases will apply to all domains on the system
>     since the entry on the left is just a username (and not a
>     complete email address), whereas entries in /etc/mail/virtusertable
>     are complete email address

virtusertable entries can also route to a user. You put the local email
address in the left column and a local user (or alias to a user) in the
right column.
You can also drop all non-specified mail with virtusertable catchall
entries, e.g.:      error:nouser User Unknown

Or silently delete all non specified emails with a virtusertable entry
and corresponding alias:

virtusertable:     devnull


devnull:     /dev/null
> 2.    you can direct the mail sent into a script via a pipe in
> /etc/aliases
> …correct?

Yes - I would venture a guess that you have at least one such pipe to
make the uphpu mail list work.  Often, though you would do something
like this in virtusertable first:

list at     domainlist

and this in aliases:

domainlist:    | some.script

Brandon Stout

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