Mailman admin/owner spam not caught

Wade Preston Shearer lists at
Tue Sep 18 13:50:54 MDT 2007

As part of a Mailman configuration, entries are made in /etc/aliases  
to feed pseudo accounts into a script. For example, when an email  
message is sent to "subscribe at," an aliases entry such as…

listname-subscribe:        "|/usr/lib/mailman/mail/mailman subscribe  

…feeds the message into the system and generates a confirm-to- 
complete email challenge to subscribe the sender to the list.

Two of the pseudo accounts that Mailman uses are "owner" and "admin."  
These two only forward email to email address(es) specified within  
the Mailman administration utility (web-based). I am not sure if  
Mailman is doing the forward or if it is handing that off to the  
systems MTA (which in this case would be Sendmail) however. I am  
curious about this because the messages that Mailman is forwarding  
are being treated differently than others.

For example, I have messages redirected to a Google-Apps-for-my- 
domain account from all three of the following situations on my own  

1.	an entry in /etc/aliases that redirects mail addressed to "root" to
	"user at"

2.	an entry in /etc/mail/virtualusertable that redirects mail addressed
	to "user at" to "user at"

3.	the email address "user at" specified
	in Mailman's administration utility as the address where all mail
	sent to "listname-admin at" and
	"listname-owner at" should be sent

…and it is all delivered properly. The problem is that Google's spam  
filter is not processes/catching mail that arrive via method #3. I  
use the word "processes" specifically because it is 100% consistent,  
meaning that all spam that arrives via methods 1 and 2 is caught with  
complete accuracy and spam that arrives via method 3 is not touched  
at all. So, it appears like Google is treating the messages  
differently for some reason and thus the reason that I am asking the  
group (opposed to it just being a Google issue… as I think Google's  
spam filter rocks and don't think it has anything to do with that). I  
have tried comparing headers from messages in the three different  
scenarios but have been unable t come up with anything.

So, my question is if anyone has any ideas. Even if you aren't a  
Mailman guru, do you have any thoughts on why mail received via a  
unix system alias redirect or sendmail virtual user redirect would  
appear differently than a message forwarded by a script?

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