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Jordan Curzon curzonj at
Sun Sep 16 06:23:15 MDT 2007

Strange, a qwest rep quoted $1200 to me for a full 100Mbit.

On 9/14/07, Roberto Mello <roberto.mello at> wrote:
> We're looking into co-location facilities around the state. One of our
> big-pluses-if-we-can-get-it is either a point-to-point or some
> connection to UTOPIA that is better than going through the public
> internet. This is because we need to transfer about 1 GiB/day of files
> to one of our partners whose servers are on UTOPIA. Sometimes (like
> towards the end of the month) we need to transfer a lot more than
> that.
> The options that we have been able to find so far are:
> - Qwest's QMOE product, which is a point-to-point. It costs $1600/mo
> for a 5 Mbit pipe.
> - An UTOPIA TLS (Transparent LAN Service), a point-to-point within UTOPIA.
> Veracity says that if we co-locate with them in the iProvo NOC, they
> can get us a very fat point-to-point to our partner on UTOPIA for a
> very attractive price. The iProvo NOC is nice, but no biometric
> access, and there's not much security around the building, and it's
> pretty clear that they just started colocating there.
> I know several people who have had problems with Vearacity with their
> residential service -- which they say has now been broken off into its
> own company Nuvont, so it's all in the past, etc. etc.
> Since our colocated servers' internet access would be through
> Veracity, does anyone have such commercial (not residential please)
> experience with them? Has anyone here colocated with them before (I'm
> guessing not)? How's the company? Is their networking staff
> knowledgeable?
> Suggestions, comments are highly welcome.
> Thanks,
> -Roberto
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