Rolling the Dice on ID Theft?

Steve smorrey at
Sat Sep 15 19:07:32 MDT 2007

Hi there,
Just wanted to drop a word of warning and let folks know it appears
that spammers may be using as a new attack vector for
identity theft.

3 days ago I created a new account at dice and started submitting my
resume to companies at dice that appeared to be offering positions of
interest to me.

I submitted my resume to only 15 companies all of which appeared to
head hunting firms.
Of those I got back 12 responses which were legitimate, however I now
have over 370 "offers" written in poorly worded engrish, which appear
to be using keywords taken specifically from my resume.

These are all inviting me to go to various sites which appear to be
phishing sites (irrelvant or jibberesh subdomains, or just straight up
IP addresses) and "apply for good job today!", obviously asking me for
personal details such as name, social security number etc.

So anyways I'm not dumb enough to fall for it and I doubt anyone else
reading this is either, but please excersize caution.  Make sure to
call ANY company you submit a resume to and of course take all the
other normal, id theft precautions (leave off personal details from
resumes etc).

I hope this helps someone.


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