Redundant web servers.

Scott Barlow scott.barlow at
Fri Sep 14 21:51:29 MDT 2007

On 9/14/07, Dennis <devel at> wrote:

> I've got two sites that need to have a little higher
> availability/redundancy etc.


Is purchasing more hardware an option? If so, buy more RAM and continue
running what you have now. It sounds like it's working, but how much more
uptime are you looking for?

But, if you want to rip and replace (or reconfigure) then my recommendation
is to do the least complicated: Invest in a "proper" load balancer, run the
web servers on physical machines, and sync or async data with clustering
software to a beefed up box that is running a VM of each physical box

I can't directly help with the load balancer (I have a distributor that
can), but can with the server hardware if the need comes up and you're not
against running Supermicro.



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