Redundant web servers.

Shane Hathaway shane at
Fri Sep 14 16:58:43 MDT 2007

Dennis Muhlestein wrote:
> It would be nice if the VS servers had access to the full amount of
> physical memory on the machine, but only used what they needed.  I
> wonder if the previous suggestion of OpenVZ works that way since it is
> only on one kernel.

Yes, that is a definite advantage of OpenVZ and Linux-VServer.  (I use
Linux-VServer; I find it simpler.)  By default there is no limit, but
you can place a limit on the CPU / RAM / disk space consumed by a VM if
you want to.

Also note that the type of virtualization implemented by OpenVZ and
Linux-VServer is lightweight enough that it's conceivable that you might
run VMWare or a Xen guest inside a VM.


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