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Justin Gedge gedgezilla at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 16:45:56 MDT 2007

many years ago- I had to purchase printers for UNIX [solaris] network.  Back
then- the company I worked for kept everything PostScript.  Made it feasible
on the UNIX side- on the windows side it also kept everything consistent.
At the time the /cheap/ printer was an HP2100TN.  You paid extra for the
Post Script features and you paid extra for the network printserver.

couple years ago- I bought the next generation in that line for home.
HP2300.  It appears that HP has assimilated [or emulates] PostScript as part
of their newer PCL [Printer Control Language].  I first saw this on one of
the really cheap low end [hp1300] printers.  You could feed in raw PS code
and it knew what to do.

If you have PostScript language available- you can set the printer up with a
raw driver.  Also makes it nice on the windows side.  After installing the
windows driver- search for the .ppd [PostScript Printer Description] file.
With this- you can download the generic Adobe driver.  The driver will ask
you for the ppd file [as do some of the newer linux drivers and programs].

overall- the newer HP printers should be good- just look for PostScript and
everything should work well.

Justin Gedge

On 9/10/07, Joseph Hall <joseph at thatworks.com> wrote:
> I hate to go off topic by asking about something Linux related, but I
> need some opinions, preferably on Linux-friendly printers. Can anyone
> direct me to a good Linux-friendly printer that is currently on the
> market? I'm not looking for much. At the moment, I only have the
> occasional file that I need to print out (mostly airline boarding
> passes for work), but I'm sure that if I brought a printer home, my
> wife would be interested in printing out photos.
> Does anyone have any current printers that they have found to work
> reasonably well in recent Linux distros?
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> Joseph
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