Colocation with Veracity

Roberto Mello roberto.mello at
Fri Sep 14 15:56:36 MDT 2007

We're looking into co-location facilities around the state. One of our
big-pluses-if-we-can-get-it is either a point-to-point or some
connection to UTOPIA that is better than going through the public
internet. This is because we need to transfer about 1 GiB/day of files
to one of our partners whose servers are on UTOPIA. Sometimes (like
towards the end of the month) we need to transfer a lot more than

The options that we have been able to find so far are:

- Qwest's QMOE product, which is a point-to-point. It costs $1600/mo
for a 5 Mbit pipe.
- An UTOPIA TLS (Transparent LAN Service), a point-to-point within UTOPIA.

Veracity says that if we co-locate with them in the iProvo NOC, they
can get us a very fat point-to-point to our partner on UTOPIA for a
very attractive price. The iProvo NOC is nice, but no biometric
access, and there's not much security around the building, and it's
pretty clear that they just started colocating there.

I know several people who have had problems with Vearacity with their
residential service -- which they say has now been broken off into its
own company Nuvont, so it's all in the past, etc. etc.

Since our colocated servers' internet access would be through
Veracity, does anyone have such commercial (not residential please)
experience with them? Has anyone here colocated with them before (I'm
guessing not)? How's the company? Is their networking staff

Suggestions, comments are highly welcome.



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