Export SSL Certificate from Firefox

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at mail1.ttak.org
Thu Sep 13 16:30:29 MDT 2007

Jonathan Duncan wrote:
> In Firefox, open the preferences, go to the Advanced tab, choose the
> Encryption sub-tab, click on View Certificates, highlight the
> certificate you want to export and click on Backup.

I followed you up to "In Firefox".  I am using Firefox 2, and there is
no preferences option.  There is an options option.  So improvising I
got to here...

Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Encryption -> View Certificates -> Web Sites

And I found the certificate I would like to "Backup", but there was no
Backup option.  I have a "View", "Edit", "Import", "Delete" option.
Neither "View" nor "Edit" provided any backup or export option.

> <sidenote>Death to the Big Blue E browser</sidenote>

Hence why the question of how to do said procedure in Firefox.  :-)


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