[OT] Linux Printers

Brandon Stout bms at mscis.org
Mon Sep 10 22:00:13 MDT 2007

I asked the same question a few months ago.  The responses at that time, 
along with my own research, led me to purchase an HP PhotoSmart C3135.  
I needed an all in one, so that's what this printer is.  This printer 
works perfectly for me in OpenSuse 10.1 and 10.2.  I actually like the 
scanner software (Sane) in Linux more.  One thing we all seemed to agree 
on in that previous thread:  Avoid Lexmark.  Personally, I'd say avoid 
it for Linux, Windows, Mac, and anything else.  For one thing, the ink 
costs about as much as getting a new printer...

Brandon Stout

Joseph Hall wrote:
> I hate to go off topic by asking about something Linux related, but I
> need some opinions, preferably on Linux-friendly printers. Can anyone
> direct me to a good Linux-friendly printer that is currently on the
> market? I'm not looking for much. At the moment, I only have the
> occasional file that I need to print out (mostly airline boarding
> passes for work), but I'm sure that if I brought a printer home, my
> wife would be interested in printing out photos.
> Does anyone have any current printers that they have found to work
> reasonably well in recent Linux distros?

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