Job opening for a programmer in Orem

Derek Davis derek.davis at
Mon Sep 10 17:00:35 MDT 2007

We're looking for a software developer here at WhiteCanyon.  We are a
very small company, but we are financially stable.  Meaning you will
always get your paychecks, and the company will be around for a while.
 But you still get the small company feel.  Most of our programs are
developed in C++ in Windows, but our main product is Linux based,
though still C++.  Our Windows products are GUI based, so GUI
knowledge is definitely important.

Desired Skills, in no real order:
- C++
- PHP (we have some web-based apps)
- Linux administration (we make and customize a live CD)
- ncurses for our Linux product
- emacs, so you can help me learn it, since I'm trying to learn LISP
in my spare time
- Vim, so you can teach me some new tricks
- or a desire to learn Vim, and I'll show you some cool stuff
- Good communication skills are optional (just to change things up a little)
- You must be a team player.  Well, only during LAN games.  No same-side kills.

Why you want to work here:
- Things are very easy-going here
- You will almost never work beyond the normal 8-5 (unless you want to)
- Insurance
- 401k
- plenty of vacation days
- Snack closet and game area (xbox and wii)
- We are a small company, so you can have a big influence on things
- More to the point, you would be one of 2 or 3 developers, so you'd
get to do lots of different, interesting things.
- I really want to improve things here, so I'd welcome all kinds of
suggestions and changes for the better

We're looking for either a senior-type developer or two junior-types,
so the requirements aren't too static.  If you're junior, we're
willing to train.  If you're senior, we're willing to train, but we
expect a better foundation.  And by "we" I mean "I".  Pay range would
be somewhere between 35k and 70k, depending on experience.

If you're interested, email me at employment-plug at, and
we can set up an interview.  Or call me at 1-800-920-8162, ext. 102.



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