Utah Open Source Conference

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at mail1.ttak.org
Sun Sep 9 08:35:27 MDT 2007

John Anderson wrote:
> Hey, now that UTOSC 2007 is over, what is everyones opinion of it?

I love the event!

> What was your favorite presentation(s)?

I would likewise agree with you that the troubleshooting challenge was
my favorite event as well.  I learned SO much by watching others
actually using their skills to solve a problem.

I also enjoyed the tour of the "inner sanctum" of Novell.  Their command
center (or as I like to call it, "the space shuttle launching room") was
impressive, as was their lab of 1,700 computer.

> What can we do to improve the conference for next year?

There were numerous "popular" presentations that were all clustered
together at the same time.  If scheduling cannot resolve this, then more
of the popular presentations should be repeated.

It would also be nice if the presentations would start on time.  An
longer first break could be put into place that could be adjusted
depending on the need due to a late start of the conference.

I would also like to see a short description attached to each
presentation, so that I can know what exactly is being and to which
skill level.

> What did you like that we did this year?

The entry cost was incredible, the distance to the event was preferred,
the speakers were very prepared, and there were an incredible amount of
good topics covered.


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