truncated files, or mplayer madness

Michael Torrie torriem at
Thu Sep 6 21:50:43 MDT 2007

Steve wrote:
> Alright I have a workable solution for you.
> Go to
> You will see a little button that says launch player.
> asuming you don't have real media or windows media player installed
> you'll get an error box asking you to install one or the other of
> them.
> Down in the lower right hand corner of the box, you'll see an option
> to t "Launch Standalone Player"
> If you click on it it will try to download an smil file.
> This is a playlist and if you open it a text editor you will see it
> looks something like this...

Ha!  This is what I thought I tried.  But I must not have looked very 
closely at the file.  I feel pretty foolish!  I believe I'm now in 
business.  I know that NPR already has podcasts, but for some reason 
that I can't remember, I never found them to be complete.  I'd rather 
just have the entire show.  So I'll be using mplayer to dump the audio, 
make it mp3, and stick it on the ole ipod.



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