truncated files, or mplayer madness

Steve smorrey at
Thu Sep 6 18:18:56 MDT 2007

If you can post the URL I may be able to help with the stream rip,
it's usually not all that difficult.  I have several MSDN video
learning streams I had to view via a stream rip before, that did
similar things.

On 9/6/07, Michael Torrie <torriem at> wrote:
> So I'm trying to use mplayer to give me .wav output of a streamed audio
> program, say NPR's all things considered.  The problem is that the link
> is actually a playlist (can't seem to download it properly though).  So
> mplayer goes through the sections one by one and dutifully writes out
> the file, and then when the next one comes along, immediately truncates
> the file, which is very useless.
> I thought I'd be smart and write the audio output to stdout, and then
> redirect it or concatenate it to a file.  Surprise! the stdout stream is
> truncated too, so the same things happens, which I find odd.
> Does anyone have any solution to this problem?  All the mplayer list can
> suggest is that one download the playlist and run each url manually.
> Yet I can't do this.  If I download the asx file, then download the url
> contained in there, I just get the original asx file again.  Very
> frustrating.  Does anyone know how to get the playlist urls?
> thanks.
> Michael
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