Used DSL modems

Levi Pearson levi at
Thu Sep 6 16:01:44 MDT 2007

Corey Edwards <tensai at> writes:
> That's good info to keep in mind. I've seen all sorts of random and
> negative behavior from Actiontecs. For mine, I actually got it to
> stabilize simply by turning off wireless. Now that it's just an ethernet
> router, it's much better behaved. I also avoid making changes to it like
> the plague because it used to occasionally default itself. Not cool.

When was the last time you upgraded the firmware on your Actiontec?  I
had problems like you describe with my old one, but they pretty much
went away after a firmware upgrade.  I have a new Actiontec now, and
it had very different firmware, but I put it in bridged mode so I
don't have to worry about it.


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