Geek lunch at Thai Spice

jeff jeff at
Tue Sep 4 19:47:35 MDT 2007

Right now we are still too small here to have more than one farang
working full time.  If we start looking for other americans to work here
I'll let you know.

Jesse Stay wrote:
> On 9/4/07, jeff <jeff at> wrote:
>> Sorry, couldn't make it... I am in Thailand :p
>> Not sure how many of you knew I was here, but I came here in January,
>> and should be here at least 2 more years, 5 most likely.  Oh and got
>> married.
> Since we're on the topic, is anyone on the list aware of a good Thai
> outsourcing company?  Lack of good English is okay for me, especially if it
> makes them cheaper (I speak fluent Thai).  Jeff - any chance you might be
> interested in putting together a team over there with me (if you haven't
> already)?  I'll also be talking to some of my Thai friends, but thought I'd
> see what the list had experience with.
> Jesse

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