RAID Partition Restore

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Wed Oct 31 09:46:37 MDT 2007

On Tuesday 30 October 2007, Kenneth Burgener wrote:
> Most people get a 3rd disk and use 
> RAID 5 as you get good disk capacity, and decent performance.  Its all
> about compromise.

I'll agree with all of your suggestions save this one. While you didn't 
define 'decent', raid 5 does not generally provide anywhere near what I'd 
consider 'decent' write performance. While for the price/GB ratio may be 
worth it for a level of performance that you may consider at 
least 'acceptable', the hazards of raid 5 impose a risk that for me outweigh 
the benefits.

I used to be a proponent for raid5, but my experience has changed my opinion.

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