Python and Twisted - was Re: Favored Language for Network Enabled Apps.

Michael L Torrie torriem at
Tue Oct 30 12:14:17 MDT 2007

Jonathan Ellis wrote:
> I'm not really a fan because

Would you mind sharing more specific details on your two points,
especially #1?  As for #2, since things are I/O bound this is not as
much of a problem as it might be.

> 1) for whatever reason twisted seems to prefer to reinvent wheels
> rather than work with the rest of the python community
> 2) twisted's many layers of abstraction add a significant amount of
> overhead -- function calls are not cheap in python
> Still, there's a lot of people whose opinions I respect that do like
> twisted.  Shane is one; maybe he'll chime in here.
> -Jonathan
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