Iptables breaks a working VoIP phone?

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at mail1.ttak.org
Mon Oct 29 22:35:02 MDT 2007

Corey Edwards wrote:
> ...I'm doubtful that a
> proxy is required. Clearly removing NAT is the best solution, but then
> again I'm a NAT-hating bigot so don't take my word for it.

How does one go about removing NAT considering most ISPs (including
mine) include only one IP address?  To add even 5 addresses, which will
not cover all of my computers, costs a significant increase, almost
double (at which point I would just drop the VoIP phone, and switch to
their digital voice phone), and to get 15 addresses would be unheard of.

As I was discussing with a coworker, there are ideal perfect solutions,
and then there is reality.  Unfortunately, my budget resides in the
later.   :-)

As far as SER and OpenSER, would I conceptually install these upon the
firewall, and they will magically intercept the SIP traffic and make it
work, or does the Sipra box have to be aware of the proxy?


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