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Clint Savage herlo1 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 15:19:46 MDT 2007

This month, we'll begin our newsletter. UTOSF plans to send out this
newsletter to all of the user group (UG) communities in Utah and
surrounding areas. We post it here for your benefit and invite you to
sign up for the News mailing list at http://utos.org/mailman/listinfo/
to receive this and other news.

In the future, UTOSF plans to make this a regular article released
near the end of every month, so come by and see how we're improving
our community.  I would like to note, however, that we will not be
sending this newsletter on this mailing list after this initial
outreach.  If you are interested in hearing about what great things
are going on in Utah Open Source, join up at
http://utos.org/mailman/listinfo/ or watch http://utosf.org for future

=== Utah Open Source Planet ===

The Utah Open Source Planet, run by Gabriel Gunderson can be accessed
in another way, from Utah Open Source Foundation. Point your browser
to http://planet.utosf.org and receive the latest and greatest local
Utah bloggers talking about everything from linux to food to
programming to weight loss. These people are part of Utah Open Source
and have a good nose for what's going on in tech and open source in
Utah. Please join us by participating in Utah Open Source Planet. Its
a great blog community.

=== Streaming ===

UTOSF is proud to announce that we will provide streamed user group
(UG) meetings. Utah Open Source Foundation (UTOSF) is spearheading an
effort to get a streaming server up and running. We've taken into
considerations things like bandwidth concerns, server power,
usefulness of topic and much more. As such, we'll be attempting to
stream more and more meetings, events and other discussions this year
for the UGs. The current plan is to cover most of the known user
groups (UGs) by end of year 2008.

We need help from you to accomplish this. UTOSF is providing the
hardware, bandwidth and configuration for anyone who's willing to
record their UG meeting. We want to find people who are regulars in
each of the communities and help them set up the recording software.
If you are interested, please contact clint at utos.org or jayce at utos.org
for more information.

=== Conference Videos ===

We're still learning here, so please bear with us. We've had a lot of
requests regarding when the recordings of UTOSC 2007 will be released.
I'd like to say that I have *actually* seen one and OpenSourceTV and
KnowledgeBlue are doing a great job getting these together. I'm
excited to see how the rest turn out. The videos will be released as
we get them. There will be regular announcements on http://utosf.org
so continue to watch for updates.

=== Multi-Distro Release Party ===

Only once in a great while will we see an event like this one. Only
once will there be so many shiny new distributions to choose from.
Only once will OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, OpenBSD and Fedora be released within
one month of each other. Because of this The Utah Open Source
Foundation is announcing the first and probably the only Multi-Distro
Release Party in Utah. The release party will involve four major
distros, plus anyone is welcome to bring their own distro to hand out.

The party will be held on Saturday, November 10, from 1-5pm at the
Open Source Technology Center at Novell. We'll have a few short
presentations about the three released distributions, food and a large
network install server for the Installfest. We hope to see you all

Where: Open Source Technology Center at Novell
Map: http://tinyurl.com/yprnqr
When: Saturday, November 10, 2007 1pm-5pm MST
What: Installfest, pizza, drinks and more.

=== You Can Help ===

I'd like to invite those interested in helping the Utah Open Source
Conference 2008 to start attending the upcoming Conference planning
meetings. Send an email to help at utos.org with the subject, "Conference
Planning" if you are interested in helping.

In addition, the Utah Open Source Foundation will begin regular
"meets". We're planning on inviting leadership of each of the User
Groups, plus anyone interested in helping the community as a whole.
UTOSF is dedicated to helping the groups by providing resources, tools
and other benefits. Come and be a part of something great!


Clint Savage
Founder, Utah Open Source Foundation

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