Favored Language for Network Enabled Apps.

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 14:27:16 MDT 2007

On 10/29/07, Corey Edwards <tensai at zmonkey.org> wrote:
> For my money's worth (and I don't code a lot) I wouldn't choose Java for
> network programming. It's so verbose with so many layers of indirection.
> I would pick Perl, but that's just because that's what I know best.

I think your last point is the most valid.  There's no shame is
preferring the lang you know best to solve any given problem
(including network programming).

In most cases, I believe Java's verbosity is a feature not a flaw.
However, if verbosity were a superhero then perl would be its arch
nemesis.  So I can see your distaste considering your comfort with the
"perl way" (tm).  Ironically, I use both java and perl...  Yes, I'm a
conflicted person.


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