Favored Language for Network Enabled Apps.

Steve smorrey at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 11:16:01 MDT 2007

Hi Everyone,

I have a question for the group, really more of a straw poll I guess.

What is the best language for writing network enabled applications or...
What language do you feel fits the problem domain of creating network
enabled appplications best or...
If you were given the task of writing a network enabled application
which language would you reach for first.

Reason I ask this is because I was asked it at an interview the other
day and I'ld like to see if my answers mesh with the general populace.

My answer was Java for rapid development, and ease of deployment.
Possibly python for faster execution times trade off being not quite
as easy to deploy.
C/C++ if needed for best possible execution times, trade off being
speed of development (i.e. Slower, and portability being another
possible concern).

In other words I couldn't come up with just a single answer.

Thanks in advance.


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